Get Away From It All On Flower Island, A Private Island All Your Own!

Vacationers looking for that perfect tropical island vacation have always looked to the Caribbean for inspiration and solace, but wiser tourists seeking to get away from it are finding islands in Asia much more to their liking, with the Philippines standing out as prime real estate, with more than 7,100 islands from which to select a private island on which to enjoy Mother Nature at her simplest yet most breathtaking.


While ideal vacation spots in the Philippines may include the world-famous tropical island vacation spot Boracay, famous for its soft, white sand, another island on this beautiful archipelago is building a steady reputation for attracting world travelers looking to escape the maddening tourist crowd, the hustle and bustle of daily life, and the complexities of modern living: Palawan!
A lush showcase of nature at its finest, with acres of forest and mountain region, Palawan is the ideal tropical island getaway. And with more tourists seeking private islands on which to return to nature, there is an island only minutes away from Palawan that offers immaculate white sandy beaches, breathtaking underwater scenery, access to a spectacular pearl farm, and a host of island getaway activities, all available to Guests in at atmosphere of exclusive privacy, peace and quiet: Flower Island!

The Flower Island Resort in Palawan offers an unforgettable return to nature guaranteed to relax the mind and nourish the soul. This Palawan island resort has seven large cabin-type air-cooled huts, each with its own unique charm, made even more rustic with the use of native material rattans and wood. Toilet facilities are available in the seven huts of this rustic Palawan island resort, as are hammocks and terraces. The sole air-conditioned Flower Island Resort hut comes with a large, extremely comfortable bed framed in Philippine bamboo.

With only eight huts, one can expect truly personalized service at the Flower Island Resort in Palawan. World-renowned Philippine hospitality comes to the fore at Flower Island, with smiling Filipino service from the minute you step off the chartered boat that takes you to this beautiful tropical island paradise, until you step on it again after days of unbridled relaxation.

There is no shortage of activities at this Palawan resort - all with emphasis on returning to nature. Go snorkeling and explore the beautiful Philippine waters, where school of fish, coral, and other awe-inspiring marine life join you in a graceful underwater dance; explore the forest and discover exotic flora and fauna; or climb the hills of Flower Island and marvel at the wide expanse of crystal-clear ocean before you. Visit the pearl farm and marvel at how these gems of the ocean deep form over years and years.