Natural Wonders of Palawan

Natural Wonders of Palawan

Disseminating with the well known and most preserved island in the Philippines will help you to get closer with its natural wonders. Palawan is the largest island in the entire country that made it to accommodate several places which can conclude the uniqueness of Palawan. Travelers can hook up with the island of Palawan because it symbolizes the genuine and conserved beauty of Mother Nature.

Everyone should make an effort to situate the place to recognize how difficult the people and local government have worked hard just to protect Palawan. Sorts of rules and regulations are well distributed in the towns and cities of the region that must be followed by the occupants of Palawan. The set of laws entail that residents or the visitors of the place should protect and preserve all creatures that is included in the region that makes Palawan to be truly distinctive.

Palawan is a real paradise for everyone especially for the residents and for the people who frequently visited the place. This "heaven on earth" is abundant with mesmerizing beaches which are scattered through out the region because of its geographical location. Palawan is being surrounded by diverse bodies of water. You can perform various water activities within the beaches like snorkeling and diving on the clear blue waters which can introduce and initiate you to the under water scene where most coral reefs are being located. Several best possessions of Palawan comprise lagoons, caves, rain forest and mangroves.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of the assets of Palawan. A huge limestone karst landscape that also includes Underground River is the feature that best illustrates this park. It also comes out directly into the sea and its inferior part can manipulate the tide. Biodiversity preservation is also being characterized by the vicinity.

Biodiversity is referred as the quantity of the life structures within the ecosystem.

Another wonder of Palawan is the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park. It is well appreciated by the visitors of the place because of its unique features which truly represents the general description of Palawan. It is an exceptional model of coral island reef with a huge density of aquatic species. Birds and marine turtles consider this place as their nestling spot. Tubbataha is a concrete example of untouched coral reefs which composed of wide ranging lagoons, two islands of coral and a stunning 100 m vertical wall.

Ursula Island is another must see tourist spot in the place. The island contains thousands of birds with different kinds. You can trace the rare and exceptional birds in this islet. The place will remind you that birds must be well confined because they deserve to live.

Animals which are in danger of extinction can be accommodated by the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. Endangered prevalent animals of Palawan and foreign animals from Africa can be well protected by the sanctuary. Visitors from all over the world can be amazed by the animals that are existed in this place because they can be inimitable for some guests.

The Rocky limestone precipice of Coron Reefs that surrounds seven lakes made it to be an eye catching spot for tourists who mostly consider the significant of nature. While Busuanga Island where the town of Coron is included known to be the jump-off site for the divers. They can perform their diving skills with the natural structure of the place.

Other regions all over the nation must follow the traces of Palawan. Aside from the rules that benefited the people, they must also secure the animal's welfare and the natural wonders of their places because in the later years, it can convey positive results.

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