El Nido Palawan: Captivating your Imagination

When you are longing for an escapade where you can shut the world and enjoy a great space with wondrous sight to quench your parching senses, come to El Nido Palawan where you can satisfy your vacation plans.

Try to imagine an island with hundreds of years of rock formation and appealing coves across a vast shore with pure white sand beaches, wearing a scuba gear and taking a dive from the native banca (a small boat used by indigenous Filipino fishermen), take a deep breath...ooops don't forget to exhale as you slowly realized the wondrous sight you just witnessed from the preserved coral reefs and magnificent array of colored fishes. (Snap) Now realize that it's not merely an imagination...everything is real in El Nido Palawan.

El Nido is well known for their breathtaking beaches, wondrous limestone cliffs, and for their well-preserved coral reefs and natural ecosystem. It is located about 240 kilometers northeast of Puerto Princesa - the capital of Palawan and the home of the well-known underground river as one of the top 28 finalists from the search of the famous 7 World Wonders of 2010.

It is a popular diving and exploring spot for tourists as well as city locals. The island itself is rich with mysterious million-year old caves that leads you to an opening of unchartered beaches where you can selfishly enjoy. There are more than 50 different known beaches and more are left undiscovered. Take a tour to their rich forests and delve into the natural wildlife habitats of tropical creatures and migratory birds in the island.

The island's mere approximate population of 23,500 friendly Cuyunons and other Filipino nationals, allows you to exclusively wander around the place without a guilty feeling of invading their space.

Cozy rooms, full transportation services and scuba lessons are usually included in some hotel packages in the island. You can enjoy snorkeling, taking pictures of majestic coves surrounded by limestone cliffs, kayaking along sheer wide rivers, hiking along protected mountains, having a free fish foot massage in marine sanctuaries, or simply invigorating yourself with a fresh sun tan.

Not enough? Explore multiple caves and paddle up those rafts to explore big and small lagoons where you can wade the clear waters under the golden sun.

There are a hundred ways to enjoy your holiday at El Nido with friends and family where the leisurely sights... are more vivid than your imagination.