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Club Paradise Palawan

The Philippines is one of the most amazing countries in the world. From the astounding engineering feats of the rice terraces in the north, to the craziness of Manila or Cebu City, there are so many different ways to experience Filipino life. But, if you just want to sit back, soak in the sun, and study the water as it crosses a white, sandy beach, then Club Paradise Palawan is for you!

Club Paradise Palawan is called "paradise" for a reason - it is one! There are no more beautiful places than this on the face of the earth. Located on the island of Palawan, southwest of Luzon, this resort has the advantage of miles and miles of white beach on which you can play. Whether you want to go searching for sea turtles, or you want to enjoy a floating picnic, there is no shortage of activities for you.

This resort is known for its extremely high level of customer service and the food is second to none. You can dine on the porch of your cottage on the sandy beach, or make that little effort to dress up for a formal dinner in the dining room. Club Paradise Palawan is great for people who want a long, slow, casual vacation as well as those who want to jazz it up a little, too.

Of course you can spend your entire time in Palawan just working on your tan and getting your sanity back, but you can also be a little busier. Take the time to go snorkeling or scuba diving, check out the local caves, or even take a day trip into town for some shopping. Unlike many beach side resorts that are completely secluded, you will have the ability to get away from all of that peacefulness and visit the people of the Philippines, too.