Dissecting Boracay's White Beach: What to See and Expect

White Beach Boracay

When people talk about the famous island of Boracay, White Beach is automatically the area that comes to mind. Indeed, this 4-km stretch of powdery fine sands has become synonymous to the area considered as one of the Philippines' premier tropical destinations. And White Beach, just one of the beaches that comprise the whole of Boracay Island, boasts a smorgasbord of various delights.

What not many people know, however, is that its offerings differ depending on which boat station you're at. Get to understand the 3 regions of White Beach and what you can expect from them.

Boat Station 1

At the northwestern section of White Beach is Boat Station 1. The sand here is whiter, softer, and more powdery compared to the other locales. There is no beach walk in this section of Boracay unlike in Stations 2 and 3, and therefore all accommodations found here are directly built along the shore.

What's also interesting to note is that Station 1 is considered to be the most upscale section of Boracay. Due to its prime location, many high-end hotels and resorts are found here. Among those that are situated in this exclusive enclave are Astoria Boracay, 7 Stones Boracay, and Jony's Beach Resort.

Boat Station 2

This area, which is directly in the middle of White Beach, is where all the action is. Station 2 has the most number of restaurants, retail shops, and nightlife centers, and these draw tourists who are in Boracay for the fun and partying. With attractions ranging from fire dancers to live band entertainment, it's where guests can revel with the crowd from sunup to sundown.

Some of the places not to miss here are D'Mall, the largest shopping center in the area, as well as restaurants and bars like Hey Jude, Guilly's Island, and Cocomangas. You can also find value-filled Boracay White Beach resorts in Station 2, such as Boracay Holiday Resort and Serendipity Boracay. Accommodations here vary from pricey to budget, and there's always a suitable lodging for every kind of traveler.

Boat Station 3

The last section in White Beach to be developed, the atmosphere here is more relaxed and quiet. Budget accommodations, with native-style bungalows and cottages, are aplenty. For tourists that are looking for a cheap Boracay resort, Station 3 is a good place to find one. Some of the great and affordable options are Villa Romero, Sheridan Villas, and Alliyah's Beach Resort. Although, because of its more tranquil surroundings and proximity to Station 2, some high-end accommodations are now being put up in Station 3.

Now that you know what each boat station offers, choosing a hotel in Boracay White Beach becomes much easier. Whether it's a quiet tropical retreat or all-night party zone, there's a Boracay resort that meets your needs.