Boracay: Philippines Premier Tourist Destination


If you have never been to Boracay, you might be asking this question: what makes Boracay the top Philippine tourist destination? How does Boracay differ from other paradise islands in the Philippines? And why is the island rated as one of the best beaches in the world by international magazines?

While many opinions differ about Boracay, some facts are unassailable:

• Powdery white sand beach. You can easily find a white sand beach in the Philippines, no doubt about it. However, Boracay's talcum-like sand sets it apart from the other beaches. There are few, if any, Philippine beaches that can boast of sand so fine in texture as Boracay.

• Four kilometers of white sand beach. Even if you could somehow find a beach with sands as powdery as Boracay's, the uninterrupted four-kilometer long beach line is still hard to beat! No wonder, walking on the beach is one of the most popular activities in the island.

• Beach for public use. Whatever social standing you may have, you are entitled to a free access to the beach. Unlike other Philippine destinations, you can enjoy Boracay's famous White Beach without paying any fee. All you need to do is to wear your best swimming attire and have fun on the beach.

• Wholesome nightlife. If you are a party-goer, you will find that Boracay offers a vibrant and varied nightlife. Despite the busy nightlife on the island, the local government imposes strict regulations to make sure that establishments operating as bars offer wholesome entertainment. It is only in Boracay where you can find parents partying with children in tow and babies in their strollers. The island paradise is actively marketed as a family resort, hence a girlie bar has no place in Boracay.

• Big city conveniences in a small island. While many voice their complaints about over-development and overcrowding of this 1,038-hectare island, its conveniences are undeniably welcome. You can transact with local banks, buy goods and services, as well as get medical attention without leaving the island. In other Philippine destinations, you have to travel for at least an hour to enjoy these conveniences.

Despite the developments occurring in this island paradise, there is no denying that Boracay still possesses its natural beauty. Its crystal-clear waters that tantalize you as the translucent topaz transforms to enchanting emerald to mysteriously deep sapphire, its powdery, long white sand beach, and magnificent sunset are one of a kind.