5 Things to Do In Boracay


The famous Boracay beach in the Philippines is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. Located a short flight from the capital of Manila, Boracay is truly heavenly with its white sand beaches and at the same time, adventure-filled for travelers of all ages.

If you are a traveler with plans to check out this must-see beach, make sure that you plan to have enough time to explore the island and experience the various activities offered there. Here are 5 things you should never miss while in Boracay:

    1. Tour the islands - Once you arrive in Boracay, immediately book a boat and schedule your trip to look at the beauty of the beach and the sea. Itinerary of basic boat tours include visiting other beaches and exploring caves. During the boat ride, you can arrange to also do some snorkeling or diving, depending on your interests and schedule. Lunch can also be arranged, so you can sample only the best that the sea can offer. Tip: Especially for those with the tendency to get sunburned easily, make sure you put on lots of sunscreen as the entire trip can last for 4 to 5 hours. Start the tour as early as possible to avoid the noon heat.
    2. Catch the sunset - For photographers, nature lovers and simply any Boracay visitor, one must-see is the sunset. In fact, it seems that the island stands still during sunset, with everyone looking out to the sea to watch the magnificent colors of the sun reflected in the clear waters surrounding the island. Tip: For a twist, hire a paraw, or a small local sailing boat, to take you out to the sea for a zen moment with the sun. Since paraw sailing is a very popular sport in Boracay, consider that two things checked off the list!
    3. Taste the local cuisine - Every traveler knows that any trip is not complete without trying out local food. Since Filipinos love to eat, there is no shortage of restaurants for all sorts of budget around the island. Tip: Don't miss Jonah's Milkshakes, which is undoubtedly the most famous dessert place around!
    4. Party with new friends - While Boracay can be a tranquil place for those looking for a getaway from the hustle of the city, it also boasts of a great nightlife - with most tourists being young, there is no lack of people to meet and places to hang out and dance. Tip: Leave behind your shyness as Filipinos are very nice and friendly!
    5. Grab some adventure - There's a lot of activities for those who are looking for some adrenaline-filled experiences. From scuba diving to windsurfing, trekking to zorbing, skim boarding to simply trying out balut (duck eggs), you are sure to find something new to try in Boracay! Tip: If your body aches afterwards, grab a massage and pamper yourself!

In short, Boracay is never boring and will surely be a memorable trip for you! So when you plan your next vacation, trust all those other travelers who highly recommend Boracay as a dream destination.