Bohol Province's Top Value Restaurants

Loboc Floating Restaurant

You can get the juiciest steak or seafood entree at a luxury hotel or at the best beach resorts in Bohol, Philippines, but if you are smart and adventurous, you would know you can get the same mouth-watering dishes at other restaurants - minus the expensive bill.

The province of Bohol is not only known for its beautiful beaches, wildlife, and the warm and friendly locals. Tourists also love the place because of the wide selection of food available from some of the best restaurants in town. Here are some of them:

Loboc's Floating Restaurants

For a minimal amount of PHP300 per head, you can enjoy a buffet-style dining experience while cruising down the placid Loboc River. Aside from the affordable grub, tourists will enjoy the lush greenery, cool breeze, and the lively cultural dancers, musicians, and other locals that provide entertainment on-board.

Cion Virge Cafe and Restaurant

Here, you can get the best-tasting Filipino dishes for a starting price of just PHP200. You have the option of rice meals or sandwiches, too. The delectable, must-try dishes are calamares, pork adobo, as well as sinigang na baboy. Cion Virge is located within Tagbilaran's airport compound and is very accessible to other establishments and hotels in Bohol.

JJ Seafood Village

Treat yourself in a restaurant with a cool and relaxing ambience, and of course fresh and affordable seafood specialties. Try these delectable dishes when at JJ Seafood Village: blue marlin steak, steamed crabs, and kinilaw na isda for a price range of 100 to 300 pesos only.

Trudis Place

This place serves both Filipino and European cuisine. For as low as PHP160, you can enjoy tasty, enjoyable, and scrumptious meals, plus a relaxing view of Panglao Beach at Trudis Place.

Garden Cafe

Experience meals in a garden-like setting at the Garden Cafe. Appetizers like the tasty Chicken Quesadilla cost as low as 50 pesos, while full steak meals start at 150 pesos. Delicious food plus a serene setting promotes an excellent dining experience.

There are many other places where you can get affordable and delicious treats not found in any Bohol accommodation. Bring your coworkers, friends, or family and enjoy checking out these amazing places after exploring the many tourists attractions in the area. Or, you can always just order room service from your hotel or in from any of the best beach resorts in Bohol, Philippines, but sometimes trying out something new is fun, too.