Bohol Government

Bohol, famed for its chocolate hills, boasts not only countless natural attractions but also maintains the reputation for being hospitable, friendly and peaceful. Trade and industry thrive as rebellions and uprisings are now rare, unlike the previous era where Bohol is noted for several revolts, even the longest revolt in Philippine history that took place during the Spanish regime. Thanks to smooth and proper governance that is of great help to the maintenance of peace and unity of the province.


Derived from Bo-ho or Bo-ol, the island was the seat of the first international treaty of peace and unity as Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the native king, Datu Sikatuna made a blood compact alliance which is known until now as the Sandugo.

On the other hand, Boholanos enjoyed ultimate freedom for 85 years as Dagohoy defied Spain and declared Bohol a republic, the only republic within a republic, the Republic of the Philippines. This freedom would not be possible without the Champion of Filipino Freedom, Francisco Dagohoy.

Philippines adapted a republic form of government where the country is run by the president and the vice president which is known as the Executive Branch. The lawmakers of the country belong to the Legislative Branch which is subdivided into Upper House or the Senate and the Lower House or the House of Representatives. The third branch is the systems of courts, collectively called as the Judiciary Branch.

The entire province of Bohol is run by the Governor and the Vice Governor. Every district is governed by a congressman and its 3 board members. Every municipality has its own Mayor, the highest ranking position in the local government unit, supported by its Vice Mayor and Councilors.

Barangay or barrio is the smallest administrative division in the country and is headed by Punong Barangay (Barangay Captain), 7 Barangay Counsilors or Kagawads and the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK).

As of now, Bohol is implementing HEAT Bohol Caravan which stands for Health and Sanitation, Education and Technology, Agriculture and Food Technology and Tourism and Livelihood.

As tourism is strongly promoted for the rare natural, cultural and historical attractions found in Bohol, livelihood and peace and unity are among the top priorities of the government now. Honesty and smooth flow of governance make it all possible.