Bohol Island, Philippines Top Tourism Spot!!!

Wonderful beaches, Chocolate Hills, and waterfalls are just a hint of what Bohol has to offer you. In fact there are many more reasons why one should visit Bohol Island. Although the reasons to visit the island are varied but water lovers especially find much more fun to enjoy there. Its pristine beaches and water falls gives you the opportunities to enjoy water sports as well as bird watching, whale and dolphin watching. Visitors taking Philippines flights love to have a visit to this destination. The island has especial prominence in the history of Philippines for serving as a trading point of the country since ancient times. Things to see and to do at Bohol Island are;


Bohol Beaches: Bohol is blessed with a number of white sand beaches that has much to attract visitors. Travelers take flights to Philippines during summer vacations and join these beaches for fun and entertainment as well as for relaxation. Things to do at this place vary from person to person. The most beautiful beach out of them is Anola Beach that is situated of the southwest side. Lined with nice resorts its a good place to eat out and diving. Other beaches include; Damaluan Beach, Bikini Beach, Momo Beach, and Doljo Beach.

Chocolate Hills: Bohol Island is not only home to exotic beaches but is also replete with heritage sites. Its an unusual geological formation that is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you take cheap Philippines flights you will be pleased to know that its a series of 1,776 hills that is spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. They are named as Chocolate Hills for they get brown during dry season in Philippines. Take a bus, or hire a car or motor bike taxi to reach there.

Bohol Caves: Bohol is rightly called as Cave Country for it is home to more than 1,400 counted caves while the actual figure is estimated as much more than this. Those taken cheap Philippines flights get the golden opportunity to see rare gold fishes, the weird shapes in the roof and walls, the Stone Age men, and the altar with images and saints.

Bohol Water Falls: Water fun in Bohol is not only confined to Bohol beaches but its spectacular water falls are also marvelous sites to witness natural beauty and experience some water sports after taking flights to Philippines from UK and anywhere else. Again sunsets are ephemeral here. It presents you excellent diving sites, and wide bio-diversity of aquatic life that should not be missed if you visit Philippines.