Diving in the Philippines: Diving Hotspots in Luzon

Diving in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that is composed of islands. Currently, there are about 7,000 islands that are scattered around a big body of water and unspoiled beaches can be found almost anywhere. There is about 40,000 square kilometers of coral reefs that can be seen bustling with marine life in the country. Diving in the Philippines is surely a treat for any enthusiast, as the country has a lot of diving hotspots that can be visited any time of the year.

The most popular diving destinations in the Philippines in the Luzon area are Batangas, La Union, Puerto Galera and Subic Bay. Batangas is actually the closest diving spot from the Philippines' capital which is Metro Manila. It's like a two and a half hour drive from Manila going to Batangas. For those who are just starting to get their feet wet in the hobby, Batangas is a friendly hotspot for new enthusiasts. Instructors are available for hire for those who want to know more about the diving spots in the Philippines.

La Union has many diving spots where you can find a lot of interesting things. The Hashi Maru, a Japanese freighter that sunk in Philippine shores during the 1940s, can be revisited in La Union. This spot is recommended for experienced divers as the place where it sank is quite sandy and muddy, so visibility might not always be good. Divers have explored the freighter by digging in the hull where they are able to see the interiors and the goods that it was carrying. There are also coral reefs that extend for about 300 meters from the shoreline. The slope can get about 120 feet below and there are plenty of coral crevices that house many different species of fish and marine life. This place also houses the Wallace Lighthouse that is why this is another fun destination to go to when diving in the Philippines.

Puerto Galera has a beautiful harbor. There are lots of coves and beaches in this area and are mostly visited by people living in the city who want to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Puerto Galera is easily accessible by taking a ferry that travels daily from Batangas City, Anilao, Matabungkay, and the other coastal towns in Batangas.

The Subic Bay is also one of the favorite spots when diving in the Philippines. There are so many attractions here such as the USS New York which is a World War I battle cruiser that has sunk 85 feet under water. This still has its cannons intact and has become the subject of many underwater photographers. There are plenty of marine life living near this attraction, such as the barracuda, lapu-lapu, lionfish, lobster and spotted rays.

The Oryoku Maru and Seaian Maru can also be seen in Subic Bay. The Oryoku Maru is a passenger vessel that has carried 1,600 American prisoners during its travels. As it is located in a more shallow location than other attractions, the marine life in this vessel are mostly tropical fishes like angel fish, clown fish, lobsters and barracudas. There are lots of attractions that one can see while diving in the Philippines and these locations in Luzon are just some of the best ones that you can visit if you are in this part of the Philippines.

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