The 3 Most Remarkable Things to Do in Manila, Philippines

Quiapo Church in Manila

You can never run out of things to do in Manila. An adventure could always spring from anything and anywhere in this place. Being one of the most colorful cities in the world, it is sure to keep you wandering on its streets and wondering about its bizarre offerings. Read on to discover 3 extraordinary things to do in Manila.

Light a Candle in Quiapo
It may seem mundane, but lighting a candle at the Quiapo Church is more meaningful than most activities in Manila. The Quiapo district is a melting pot of religion, mysticism, and business. So as the bells of the grand Quiapo Church ring to gather the faithful, street vendors allure passersby to buy candles and light them at the church to make wishes come true. Each color is supposed to yield a different effect. For example, pink candles are for finding pure, gentle love. Black, on the other hand, is used to knock on someone's conscience. If you want, you can have a bundle of every color they have to get the best possible luck.

See the Basilica of San Sebastian
Just a few hundred meters from the Quiapo district, along Plaza Del Carmen, stands the Basilica of San Sebastian. It is the only prefabricated all-steel church in Asia. Famous historians have confirmed that Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the Eiffel Towel in Paris, took part in the design and construction of the Basilica. The best way to look at the church is to stand right outside. From there, you will see the details of this great piece of Gothic architecture. It is also a picture-worthy backdrop to the colorful pedicabs, jeepneys, and food vendors.

Ride a Jeepney

You cannot say you've been to Manila (or in the Philippines, for that matter) unless you've experienced taking a ride on the jeepney. Originally made from US military jeeps that were left in the country after World War II, jeepneys are defined by their flamboyant decoration and typically crowded seating. When you climb inside, crouch low, and try to get a seat far from the driver, so you won't have to be the one to hand everyone else's fare. Currently, a jeepney ride for the minimum 4 km distance costs PHP 8.50. Don't be surprised if the driver tries to fill his jeepney with too many passengers. After all, this is business. Just enjoy it even though your hips hurt a little. It's not everyday that you'll experience this kind of fun in Manila.

Being the country's capital, Manila has always been filled with a lot of opportunities for mind-blowing experiences. Because of this, big international hotels like Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila have also emerged in every part of the city. Now, tourists from all over the world can immerse themselves in all the adventures Manila has under its sleeves.

Mae Cacanindin holds a degree in creative writing. She enjoys watching television, because it makes her dream to go places to experience the good and bad of every nook of the world. Someday, she will travel to these places but perhaps never first-class.