Introducing Guimaras

Looking for an idyllic setting for your next vacation in the Philippines? Pack your bags and head to the beautiful island province of Guimaras. Located in the Western Visayas region, Guimaras is highly touted for its unspoiled beaches that are considered one of the world's finest. It has a wide array of resorts and accommodations that cater to the needs of both local and foreign tourists.

Like other provinces in the country, Guimaras also has its fine share of tourist attractions. Since the province is blessed with vast agricultural lands, the local government has been stepping up efforts to promote Guimaras as a premier agritourism site in the Philippines. Orchards, bee farms, and aqua culture ponds have been added to list of must-see attractions in the island.

Guimaras made headlines in 2006 when an oil tanker carrying more than two liters of bunker fuel sank off the coast of the province and spilled over 500,000 liters of oil. It was considered the worst oil spill in Philippine history. However, with the efforts of the national and local government, as well as the private sector and international donors, Guimaras is on its feet again. Tourist arrivals have picked up in the aftermath of the oil spill.

The following are some of the reasons why you need to visit Guimaras.

Guisi Beach and Lighthouse

Atop the list of tourist attractions in Guimaras is the Guisi Beach. Its azure waters are a perfect escape from the hassles of the city life. Guisi Beach is famous for its short coastline and awesome rock formations. To get a breathtaking view of the beach, you must visit an 18th-century lighthouse that once guided sailors passing through the island.

Guimaras Adventure Park

Guimaras also offers something enticing for the adventure-seekers. Located in the capital city, Jordan, the Guimaras Adventure Park has a wide range of amenities for paintball, war games, rappelling, target shooting, and horseback riding. The compound is also ideal for team building, camping, and other corporate functions, and family gatherings.

Trappist Monastery

A tour of the Trappist Monastery in Jordon is also a must while in Guimaras. It offers a quiet place to rekindle your spiritual life. Processed food, including jellies, jams, and candies, made by Trappist monks are available at a souvenir shop in the monastery. There are also guest houses that are available for rent at affordable rates.

Turtle Feeding Station

Get up close and personal with the pawikans with a visit to the Turtle Feeding Station in Barangay Lawi, Jordan. A floating cage, wherein visitors can take pictures and touch sea turtles, is the main attraction at the center. The station was established to raise awareness on wildlife protection and turtle preservation in Guimaras.

Guimaras Mangoes

You cannot miss out on Guimaras' famous fruit crop, mango, while taking a vacation in this island paradise. Its mangoes are said to be sweetest in the world. They are already being exported to foreign markets such as the United States and Australia. Mangoes are also the center of the annual Manggahan Festival, which seeks to promote the fruit industry.

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