Introducing Davao

Are you planning to visit the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines and yet you do not have any idea on where to go? Are you sick and tired of seeing frowning people in the busy streets of the usual city setting? Well, I will bet that Davao City is the best place for you!

Sweet fruits, great beaches, hospitable people - these are the words that best describe one of the most magnificent place in the Philippines, Davao City!

This beautiful city is one of the top tourist spot that the Philippines is proud of having. This place is bestowed with wonderful lands and waters that lures and tempts many tourists from and outside the Philippines.

Aside from that, the city has a wonderful history that adds in its magnificence! Originally, the term Davao means fire. It is from the word "daba-daba." Interesting festivals marked the place. One of the most anticipated and well attended festivals in this city is the well known Dinagyang Festival. Aside from that, many other rituals are done in this place that highlights the gracious past and culture of the people.

Davao City is bestowed by different tourist attractions that really lure many visitors from and even outside the Philippines.

Among the historical tourist attraction, the Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague is one of the must see. It is located in Matina, Davao City. This is an open air chapel that features the replica of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague and Our Lady of Fatima. Aside from the relics, the wonderful panoramic view of the coconut plantation and other fruit bearing trees adds in the magnificence of the city.

About 9 to 15 kilometers from the city cradles a shrine for the veterans of war - the Japanese Peace Memorial Shrine/ Cemetery. Even though that there is the term Japanese in the name, the cemetery is open to all sorts of races.

Your trip to this city will not be complete if you will never get the chance to see and know the people of the place. Go and visit Davao Museum so you will surely have the chance to witness the culture and traditions of the city and of course the people.

Davao City is also known for the beautiful hand woven cloth and actually you can have a glance on this at the T'Boli Weaving Center. The T'Boli Weaving Center is located at the Insular Hotel Grounds, Insular Hotel, Lanang, Davao City. Your visit in the said place will be highlighted by the demonstration of the tribal women of South Cotabato of the traditional craftsmanship and art of the T'Boli Tribe. See how they weave and turn the native abaca into fibers. Witness how the strips turned into canvass of artistry by designing figures with the intricate of patterns.

Davao is not just a place gifted with great people but also it is gifted with splendid water. You can spend your time around the different beaches, which offer best summer activities. Dive and snorkel around its clear waters! One of the must see is the Muslim Fishing Village located at San Jose, Samal Island. In the said place, children can dive overboard while the adults will be busy side seeing over the magnificent view from the native huts built over the waters.

Last but not the least, your stay at the city will not be totally complete without bringing home the ever delicious durian fruit.

Davao City is filled with beautiful sceneries and tourist attractions and of course with beautiful people with the heart of gold! Smiles will surely be a souvenir for any visitor or tourist who will spend time in beautiful Davao!

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