Introducing Boracay

Located approximately 315 km south of Manila, Boracay is a beautiful island in Philippines. With its pristine shores and amazing views, this is a place frequently visited by tourists and there are many Boracay hotels where tourists can enjoy a perfect holiday. Activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite-boarding, cliff diving, and beach relaxation are what attracts tourists here from different parts pf the globe. The shores here are dotted with several stalls wherein vendors can sell anything from jewelleries, t-shirts to sporting equipment. There are many Boracay spots that can captivate and entice tourists.

1. White beach is the most popular beach in Boracay. With its beautiful stretch of powdery white sand against azure water, this area is also the commercial centre of the island with many restaurants, cafes, bars, internet cafes, shops, bakeries, etc. Many prime resorts and hotels in Boracay are located in this stretch.

2. Puka beach is a popular beach here and is the perfect example of a tropical island with white sand, blue waters, and palm groves. It was named after puka shells found along its shoreline. These materials are used as fashion accessories.

3. Bat Cave: Located in the western part of the island, the Bat Caves is a unique tourist spot in Boracay. Tourists need to go one hike through the forest to reach the mouth of the cave which is home to small cave bats and giant fruit bats that roam around the area after sunset. This place is quite a popular site for naturalists, photographers and adventure seekers.

4. Baling Hai Beach is another beautiful and popular beach in Bocaray where tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkelling and dining in a relaxed, peaceful environment. It boasts of a restaurant on top of the cliff that overlooks the whole area and provides visitors an amazing view of the island.

5. Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay and one of the tourist attractions that rises up to an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. It is a small mountain with a viewing deck and one can get an amazing view of the east coast from of the island.

6. Crocodile Island is a real life adventure. Crocodile Island enjoys an unspoiled and abundant marine life. The area is just bursting with underwater activity. A snorkelling expedition in the area gives tourists the chance to see a breath-taking collection of corals together with a wide selection of fish.

7. Crystal Cove is a privately developed island that boasts of good underground snorkelling, and the place is ideal for those interested in water sports and having a sense of adventure.

8. Boracay Butterfly Gardens on Bulabog Beach is a must-see place where tourists can tour and see some butterflies of every shapes and colours.

9. Dead Forest: With dead tree trunks sticking out of stagnant water, the Dead Forest presents a highly romantic scene surrounded by old folk tales about ghosts and goblins. Local folk believe supernatural occurrences take place here, particularly on full moon nights.

10. Spas: Boracay has some well known spas where tourists can relax and enjoy soothing massage and other treatments.

Apart from those mentioned there are also many other amazing beaches and sites Boracay which ensures that visitors have an amazing holiday.

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