Introducing Bohol

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Bohol Island is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. It is accessible via one hour plane ride from Manila, or via two hour fastcraft from Cebu City. There are also overnight ferry boats going to Bohol from Cebu.

The most popular tour in Bohol is the countryside tour where you can see heritage sites such as churches and museums, the Chocolate Hills, the endangered tarsier which is the world's smallest monkey, and have lunch while cruising along the Loboc river. Along the way you can see the Bohol countryside with idyllic scenes of rice fields, rivers, a man-made forest, and farmlands. There is also a hanging bridge near the Loboc river and a butterfly sanctuary.

To see the tarsier, you can either go to the Loboc river where the tarsiers are in cages or go to the more natural tarsier sanctuary in Corella town. In Corella, the tarsiers are enclosed in a large fenced area with lots of schrubs and trees. The fence protects them from predators. Corella is farther away but it's worth the trip.

Another interesting tour to take is the dolphin and whale watching tour which takes you on a motorized outrigger boat ride near Pamilacan island, playground of the dolphins. On a good and calm day, one may see schools of dolphins encircling your boat, jumping and spinning. A bit of patience is needed as sometimes they do not appear right away. After seeing the dolphins the boat takes you to the island to snorkel in the marine sanctuary and have a picnic lunch.

If you're a diving enthusiast the island of Balicasag offers a protected sanctuary. If you don't know how to dive, you can still see a lot of marine life just by snorkelling. Most of the beach resorts in Panglao island offer dive packages to the house reef or nearby islands.

Around three hours drive away from Tagbilaran City is the Danao Adventure Park where one can engage in activities such as ziplining through a wide gorge, wall climbing, kayaking, rappelling, and other eco adventures.

If you're staying in Cebu, you may take a day tour by riding a fastcraft which takes you to Bohol in two hours, and return to Cebu on the same day.

Bohol is a great place to explore so be sure to take one or two Bohol tours to fully get a feel of the place and what it has to offer.