The Contributions of Tourism to Businesses in the Philippines

Tourism Business in Philippines

2013 is a new year to look forward to for the travel industry in the Philippines. Last year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) reported over 3 million arrivals from different countries. And that figure was just from January to November of 2012.

In addition to that, the DOT also stated that this number presents an 8.73% increase compared to the number of tourists that came to the nation in 2011.

As you can see, the tourism sector is a growing one. And with this kind of boost, businesses directly connected with the market are positively affected as well.

So if you are thinking of setting up a venture that caters to the industry, there are a few things that you need to take into account. Some of these include:

  • Ideal business premises. It is important to impress potential customers when they visit your office. If you decide that Metro Manila is the best place to set up shop, then you can always opt for a Makati office space for rent. The same also goes for other areas in the Philippines. That is, if your budget does not allow you to construct a building for your venture, then you can try leasing a space while you are still starting out.
  • Market research. This involves looking into the ideal audience that you want to attract. Are you interested in providing products such as food, clothing, or crafts? Or are you more into services such as accommodation or transportation? Conducting an in-depth research helps you effectively market what you have to offer.

Having mentioned that, it is now time to look at some of the ways that tourism helps businesses in the Philippines.

It brings in people who are looking for a place to stay

Whether the tourists are local or from different countries, they are going to be looking for accommodation when they visit a certain place. This means that hospitality establishments such as hotels, lodges, and inns can benefit from their arrival.

It ushers in people who want to try different food and native delicacies

Visitors would most likely want to try dishes that are specific to the region they are travelling to. Local tourists may want to try a certain cuisine that is not available where they are from. All of these pose great benefits for those in the food industry.

It brings people who need to use transportation services

Travellers want to go to different places. To satisfy their need to explore, they have to take some form of transport. This is an opportunity for those in the transportation sector to offer their services.

Parting words

The points above illustrate the importance of the tourism sector in the country. In addition, it shows that it is beneficial for various businesses as well.

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