What Are the Top Dive Destinations in the Philippines

Is diving in the Philippines one of the items in your to-do-before-you-die list? If so, then you have made the perfect choice. The Philippines is situated at the epicenter of marine biodiversity, where the coral reefs are considered to be the primary sources of marine species scattered throughout the world. For this reason, diving is a popular holiday activity in the country. If you are eying on going on a diving vacation in this part of the world, here are the top dive destinations in the Philippines that you must consider.

The rich marine waters of the Philippines are to-die for. You just cannot afford to live without ever experiencing the world-renown Tubbataha Reefs off the coast of Palawan in the west side of the Philippines. It is an atoll coral reef and a marine sanctuary nominated at the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Expect to see hammerhead sharks, barracudas, palm-sized Moorish idols, and the largest kind of ray which is the manta rays, moray eels, as well as the endangered hawksbill sea turtles in Tubbataha, one of the top dive destinations in the Philippines.

Apo Island in Dauin, Negros Oriental is another top dive site in the country. It is impossible to miss this island when you visit the laid-back city of Dumaguete because it is widely known there. (Dauin is a neighboring municipality of Dumaguete, where the main seaport is.) Perhaps you have experienced to dive Philippines, dive Puerto Galera, dive Malapascua, and other locations. But if you have not experienced to dive Apo Island, you have not seen the whole of Philippine diving. So never fail to do some scuba diving in this primitive island.

Another exciting diving location in the Philippines is Malapascua Island. This is at the northern part of Cebu Province, right in the heart of Visayas. Escape the bustling and developing city of Cebu and chart a trip to the peaceful and lovely Malapascua where you can interact with thresher sharks, mandarin fish, whitetip sharks, and pygmy seahorses, among other sea creatures living there. Make Malapascua part of your must-visit top dive destinations in the Philippines, and you will not be disappointed.

Puerto Galera, particularly Verde Island, in Oriental Mindoro is a preferred dive destination for those who come from Luzon. Being only two hours away from Manila, Puerto Galera is already an exciting and fantastic place to enjoy wreck and wall diving. So do not be surprised if it is regarded as one of the top dive destinations in the country, specifically in Luzon. The marine creatures found in Puerto Galera include turtles, banner fish, lizardfish, mandarin fish, batfish, and jacks. The currents may be fairly strong and shifting, but the experience is all worth it.

The Philippines is a country with more than 7,000 beautiful and naturally blessed islands. Being an archipelagic country, there is no reason for you not to find its coastal areas welcoming. If you want to scour its deeper waters for interaction with underwater creatures, then be sure to visit the country's top dive destinations, specifically the ones named here. However, there are other dive locations that the Philippines is proud of. They are all waiting for you to discover them! Well, you better start visiting each one of these majestic dive locations because one lifetime may not be enough.

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