Guidelines for Philippine Group Dive Trips

Philippines Dive Trips

The world is mostly underwater. It is completely understandable why many people are fascinated by the wonders that oceans can bring us. One of the most popular destinations for group dive trips is the Philippines, an archipelago composed of more than 7,000 islands. Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has temperate waters full of coral reefs, making it an ideal diving site.

It is very easy to have scheduled dive trips in the Philippines because of the many resorts offering their services. You can choose from thousands of resorts open for divers enthusiastic to explore the waters of the Philippines. There are many places to go scuba diving with certified instructors making sure that your trip is safe and at the same time, enjoyable.

Most group dive trips happen in the Luzon islands. This is very convenient for travelers who would be coming from the country's capital city. You can travel by land, ferry and sometimes plane to reach some of the best sites for diving. Anilao in Batangas, Puerto Galera in Mindoro and Busuanga in Northern Palawan are some of the most favorite diving spots in the northern part of the Philippines.

If you are to go a little south, you can also see some other beautiful diving places. Malapascua in Cebu is a laid-back place just recently discovered for its beautiful diving spots. There are only a few resorts here compared to the other places. If you want to dive in the Philippines, you have to take into consideration the number of people travelling in your group and the kind of service that the resort can give you so you can enjoy your vacation more.

There are many certified scuba instructors around the country. If this is one of your first group dive trips, learn to dive first. Safety should always be your priority. Learn the hand signals that will come in handy underwater. Do not dive alone and always stay close to your instructor. The water is one of the most unpredictable elements, so you don't want to become its victim during an enjoyable trip.

If you have scheduled dive trips in the Philippines, make sure also that you are prepared to tackle the islands and its peoples. Convert your money into the local currency (peso) for easier travelling. You shouldn't have any problems looking for money changers because most resorts have local exchange services. Ensure that the diving site you intend to go to has ATMs and credit card services. If these are not present, make sure that you withdraw enough cash from the city before travelling to the outskirts for your diving trip. Most diving sites have cell phone signal and internet services but it will serve you well if you confirm with your resort first. Bring your own first aid and hygiene kits especially if you are going to a relatively new and undisturbed island for diving.

Discovering the amazing features of the underwater is a luxury that few of us can afford. There are many treasures and creatures waiting to be discovered underwater. By following these simple guidelines and tips, you will surely enjoy your Philippine group dive trips, taking pleasure from the blue waters and warm hospitality of the Filipino people.