A Glimpse of the Best Puerto Galera Dive Spots

Diving in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, located in the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, is considered as the most premiere diving location in the Philippines and probably the whole of Asia. Branded by UNESCO as a marine reserve in 1974, the coral reefs found in world-class Puerto Galera dive spots are home to a multitude of soft and stony corals and diverse marine life - all of which contribute to the excellent diving atmosphere one can experience in all of the island's 24 dive sites.

Although one can dive in the various Puerto Galera dive spots the whole year round, the best times coincide with the occurrence of the northeasterly wind starting in October and ends around May when the southeasterly winds begin to caress the island. Conditions in the several dive sites in the island vary from gentle to slight to strong currents and with water temperature ranging between 28� to 30� Celsius, making them favorable for all divers with varying degrees of experience.

Dive centers, resorts, and hotels on the other hand cater to the tourist population in this town, all of which scattered along the island and providing great views of the sea and various beaches. Dive centers are in a class of their own, with each dive master an expert in the local dive culture and an excellent guide in all Puerto Galera dive spots. No matter the degree of expertise, one can surely enjoy the underwater views which can only be found in one of the best dive destinations in the world.

Among the popular Puerto Galera dive spots is the Coral Garden which is located west of Medio Island. With calm waters and a maximum depth of 40 feet, this spectacular dive spot is great for beginners and those who want to do snorkeling during their stay in the island. Soft and stony corals can be seen at about a depth of 9 feet, with visibility up to 65 feet. The Coral Garden is also an excellent spot for underwater photographers.

Hole in the Wall is another well-known dive spot, where divers swim through a hole in order to have an excellent view of the corals and thriving marine life. Although diving conditions in this location may include strong currents and sometimes choppy waters, it is recommended for beginners as this is a great way to earn some experience as a scuba diver.

The Sabang Wreck on the other hand, is home to a multitude of corals and several species of marine life including moray eels, lion fish, and batfish. The name of this Puerto Galera dive spot comes from an old Chinese fishing vessel which was sunk in 1993 through the efforts of local dive shops in order to create an artificial reef. It has then grown to be one of the best Puerto Galera dive spots there is.

Those thinking of going on a diving expedition or simply on a vacation can consider putting Puerto Galera on their list of must-see sights since it is a haven for scuba diving and relaxation. Scuba diving in this excellent destination can truly become an experience worth remembering.