Cebu, Philippines - Women, Beaches And Starbucks?

Diving in Cebu

Next to Manila, Cebu is the most well-known places in the Philippines. Over the years, Cebu has had its share of many visitors from Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and more recently, South Korea.

So, what's so charming about Cebu? Directly from the mouths of foreigners who live there, here are the major reasons for visiting or living in Cebu.

1. Diving resorts and beaches

Europeans usually go to Cebu to take diving trips to Moaboal (three hours away from Cebu City, capital city of Cebu province) or else stay in Mactan to soak in the white sand beaches or stay at a fancy hotel by the beach. For a fraction of what it would cost in other countries, PADI-certified divers can enjoy a two-week diving trip without ever getting bored after a dive.

2. It's relatively urban

Unlike other islands in the Philippines, Cebu is for the most part a metropolis with elegant-looking shopping malls - one was even featured on CNN's Style With Elsa Klensch when it first opened. It features international brands of electronics, clothing and dining, including Apple for electronics, Guess for jeans and TGIF and good old McDonald's for dining. And yes, we have Starbucks and The Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf for coffee.

3. Filipina Women

In Cebu, it's not unusual to see (often) older Western men together with young Filipina women. Some couples met over the Internet while other couples just met in Cebu. Some men also come to Cebu simply to meet Filipino women in the hopes of finding a Filipina wife.